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PHB & IPC Services

Personal Health Budget (PHB) and Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) Services    

Sustainability and Transformation Plans: Personal Health Budget (PHB) and Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) Services

Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) is redesigning the ways the system will work for people with complex needs in England. It includes an integrated approach to personal budgets for people with health and social care needs

Personal Health Budgets allow patients with long term conditions and disabilities to have a greater choice and take control of their own healthcare by providing them with a budget to spend on meeting their own identified health and wellbeing needs.

All adults in receipt of NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and children eligible for continuing care have the right to hold a Personal Health Budget, and our aim is to increase this offer to anyone else who may benefit from holding a Personal Health Budget, including those with learning disabilities, mental health needs and special educational needs.

With our strong clinical expertise and experienced personnel we offer as part of a CHC service or separately according to local need:

  • A single point of contact
  • Pathway specific or generic personal health budget options
  • Clear patient and carer communication
  • Patient activation and engagement measurement
  • Individual support with personalised care plan creation, negotiation and recommendation
  • Validated choice of budget management methods
  • Budget and expenditure tracking
  • Complex Case management and support
  • Invoicing and receipting support
  • Quality and financial assurance
  • Brokerage and negotiating services
  • 3 and 12 month reviews of PHB outcomes
  • Liaison with LA for integrated personal budgets
  • PHB request response service
  • Signposting advice and support  for direct payment eg Employment advice
  • Complaint and resolution services