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Integrate. Delegate. Pagin8.

Pagin8 provides a high quality and professional medical records pagination service.  Delivered by our in house and experienced team of clinical nurses, Pagin8 is completely flexible to your requirements.  It can be used in conjunction with UKIM or as a completely standalone product.  


  • Seamlessly integrates with UKIM
  • A faster, simpler, more cost effective process
  • A one stop shop for all medico-legal requirements 


  • A quality pagination service
  • Delivered by an experienced team of clinical nurses
  • Benefit from deferred payment terms 


  • Obtain, Review, Sort, Index, Analyse

Pagin8 can be instructed at any stage of the process, whether you require us to obtain records, identify missing documents or complete a full review to assist you in the assessment of the claim, our service can be tailored to your requirements. 

The service is delivered by an experienced team of clinical nurses and case handlers who have been carefully selected for their knowledge, understanding and interpretation of clinical negligence cases and medical records. They understand the importance of providing timely reviews as well as the presentation and analysis of the relevant medical facts.

Pagin8 provides a range of flexible services:    

  • Obtain
  • Review
  • Sort
  • Index
  • Analyse

Save time and seamlessly integrate your medical record process with UKIM.  Delegate  and receive a quality service from an experienced team of clinical nurses; benefit from deferred payment and Pagin8 with a fast, easy to use and cost effective service.