Developing The Workforce Of The Future


Our Apprentice Team Here at UKIM

At UKIM, we’re committed to the learning and development of young people and our staff. We’re frequently open for apprenticeships in business administration, finance and occupational health administration. In less than a year, we’ve recruited 10 apprentices and are excited to see their growth here at UKIM.

This National Apprenticeship Week, we talked to our talented apprentices about their time and work here at UKIM… 

jack-hudson-tileJack Hudson - I’m a level 3 business admin apprentice and at the moment I am doing file handling, as well as training in client liaison. I started my time at UKIM in the post room and after 2 months I moved up into the role I'm in now- where I’ve been for six months. Working with other teams and getting all the experience that I can is what I really wanted with an apprenticeship.
My favourite thing about being here as an apprentice is probably the opportunities that I’m now offered. I know that I can move onto a lot of other different areas in the business, and I know that I’m thoroughly supported. I’ve been taught a lot of things here as an apprentice. UKIM is a really nice place to be.  



faye-stewart-tileFaye Stewart - I’ve been here for eight months now. I’m currently working on rehab and I’m also a customer service apprentice. I’ve been trained on reports and pre-instructions and have spent some time in the post room doing some admin as well. Working across the business and with different teams has not only enhanced my skillset, but has also helped me to understand what I'd like to learn more about and areas where I'd like to develop further. My favourite area is definitely UKIM Rehab- I really enjoy it. There are different things every day and you don’t know what’s going to come in. Speaking on the phones as well has helped a lot with my confidence and communication, so it’s been really good… Everyone’s really welcoming and friendly and so it makes you feel really comfortable just to be able to come in, work, but know you’ve got friends as well to talk to.


elliot-coleby-tileElliot Coleby - I’ve been at UKIM for four months now and I’m a trainee accountant / finance apprentice. My day to day is good; I get to shadow people in the team, and I then get to carry out those tasks myself. My favourite part is probably doing the supplier payments; that’s approving and paying the suppliers- it’s a nice feeling to be trusted with this! There’s definitely lots of support from my team and for training; they’ve been perfect and there’s nothing more they could do to support me in my career progression. I’m good friends with all of them and it’s really nice and comfortable. I have a designated trainer, and she doesn’t just explain things, but she demonstrates things to make sure I understand. It’s so friendly at UKIM. I was surprised to be honest how, although you don’t know everyone and you don’t speak to everyone, everyone’s really nice and you’ll always get smiles from people around the corridors. It’s very homely actually and a really nice atmosphere.