• Dr Nick Athey Tile
    Meet Dr Nick Athey - UKIM Chief Medical Officer 08/05/2024

    Dr Athey joins us as Chief Medical Officer.

  • NEW UKIM 2
    UKIM Launch Acquisition Strategy to Battle UK’s ‘Sick Economy’ 17/04/2024

    UKIM Occupational Health & Wellbeing (UKIM), has announced the double acquisition of two specialist Occupational Health providers to help boost the UK economy through their burgeoning strategy to ease the nation’s ‘sick economy’. The recent partnerships aim to boost the UK economy by alleviating long term sickness strains.

  • Your Team (3)
    Your Leading Health Services Company - Your Team 19/03/2024

    As a leading health services company, we've worked hard over the last 21 years to provide the best services to all of our clients. With the best team at the heart of our business, we're as committed as ever to ensuring you're in safe hands with us. Meet Laura, Angela, Frankie and Lee to find out more ...

  • Apprentice 2024 Banner
    Developing the workforce of the future 07/02/2024

    At UKIM, we’re committed to the learning and development of young people and our staff. We’re frequently open for apprenticeships in business administration, finance and occupational health administration. In less than a year, we’ve recruited 10 apprentices and are excited to see their growth here at UKIM. This National Apprenticeship Week, we talked to our talented apprentices about their time and work here at UKIM…

  • Ian Scanlan
    A message from UKIM Managing Director, Ian Scanlan 02/10/2023

    At UKIM, our purpose is to deliver outstanding customer service to all of our clients. Our original focus when we started the business in 2003, was Independent Medical Reporting – now 20 years on, we are as committed as ever to delivering the best possible service in this area; as well as across our full suite of medical services, including Rehabilitation, Diagnostics & Treatments, Pagination and Health & Wellbeing. Read on to find out what else we are up to ...