Records Online

Developed by UKIM, Records Online offers a quick, simple and secure way for our instructed medical experts to access and review patient medical records to assist in the compilation of independent medical evidence.

Key Benefits

  • Security – maintaining data integrity is paramount and our Records Online site is fully SSL certified
  • Efficiency - Records Online provides a quicker process to access medical records and also reduces the need for storage
  • Workload Planning - users have the ability to track the progress of cases in instances where medical records are awaited

Data Protection

Under the Data Protection Act (DPA), medical records are classified as sensitive personal data. We would like to take this opportunity to remind Records Online users of their obligations in respect of handling and storing personal data and that you must comply with the principles of the DPA.

We ask you to maintain data safety at all times. Many of the accidental disclosures of personal data reported by the ICO involve incidents where mobile devices (e.g. laptops, memory sticks, CD-ROMS, flash drives) used to store and transmit personal information are mislaid or stolen. All computers and mobile devices used to store and transmit personal sensitive data should be protected using passwords or appropriate encryption software. Any paper or non-encrypted personal data must be stored in locked filing cabinets either in your home or consulting room. All copies of medical records should be destroyed immediately after you have sent the medical report to UKIM. Paper documents should be shredded (ideally cross shredded) and electronically stored items should be fully deleted from the device or physically destroyed if you have not been requested to return them securely (i.e. CD-ROM).

Terms of Use for Records Online can be viewed here. Should you require further information regarding the provision of the DPA, please visit ICO

Contact Us

If you are a medical expert and wish to take advantage of this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 414 1988.

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