Medical Malpractice

We're here to help you be there for your clients at their time of need

If you are a Legal Expert dealing with Medical Malpractice work, you’ll know as well as we do that these cases are wide spanning, sensitive and extremely complex. We also know that as a specialist in this area, you need to be able to be there to listen to your client and advocate for them in their time of need.

That’s where UKIM can help – we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to deal with all of your complex medical evidence requirements – in the most compassionate, professional and approachable way. Our aim is to ensure you receive the imperative piece of unbiased evidence for claimants who have suffered wrongful medical treatment or negligence.

Extensive Clinical Expertise

Having the right experts, with the right experience and knowledge, in the right place is important to you – we know that. That’s why we offer clinical experts in every medical discipline, right across the UK. Need to see their CV’s? No problem, just ask.

Reports to Support You

Whether you need a Screening Report to establish case viability and facilitate initial decision making, or something further down the line, we’re here to help. We can provide Condition & Prognosis, Causation and Breach of Duty Reports. We also have a team of experienced clinical nurses delivering our Pagination service which is completely flexible to your requirements.

Commercial Support

We understand there are uncertainties around these specialist and intricate cases and how they are typically expensive and lengthy to run – so, to support your caseload and cash flow, we offer commercial terms to suit your needs – talk to us to find out more.

We’ve been supplying independent medical evidence to instructing parties just like you since 2003 – we’re here to help you and provide an independent medical reporting solution which meets your needs and those of your clients – no matter what the case type.

We’d love to understand more about your detailed requirements – why not drop us a line on or call us for a chat on 0333 414 1988.