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UK Independent Medical (UKIM) and our panel of national medical experts are completely independent of the parties involved in the claim process.

We ensure that you receive an unbiased and fair assessment of your situation together with the best recommendations to aid your recovery.

Sometimes it may be necessary for the independent expert to review your medical records to consider what was written at the time of your injury and to assess if there is any past history that might be relevant to your recovery. If this is the case, we will ask you to sign a form of authority to help us obtain the records efficiently.

The independent expert instructed to conduct the appointment will have the appropriate knowledge and skills relevant to your injuries.  They will ask you about your accident details, treatment and its impact on your everyday lifestyle and then may ask to appropriately examine the relevant areas that you have described.  

If you need to re-arrange your appointment or would like further information about the service UKIM provides please call 0333 414 1988.